Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Grey Owl Origins - An Amazing 3 Part Miniseries!

The Grey Owl Origins! In this three part miniseries, Dave Banton's glow-in-the-dark tale is brought to light! (Excuse the pun). Including three awesome covers by Grey Owl legend Max Stone!
Available in a collector's set for $2.99! Only in comics stores.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Grey Owl TV Show on Miracle Comics Network Kicks Off

In this video, Facetaker takes the Grey Owl's face and form.
This is a clip from "Facetaker Strikes," the second episode.
The Grey Owl TV Show just launched and we are so excited!
Also look for Torrado episodes and Fatman, too!
Order of Season 1 Episodes:

Episode 1: Green With Envy - The Green Bat

Episode 2: Facetaker Strikes - Facetaker

Episode 3: Tri Again - Professor Tri and Duopod

Episode 4: Clowning Around - Clownface

Episode 5: Not Too Handy - Dr. Hand

- More Episodes Coming Soon -

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Grey Owl - Comics Volume 5

Skykiller is back in the fifth volume! The first comic, "I Sky With My Little Eye," features Skykiller's first team-up... With Photoshot! Then its trouble on the snowy slopes for The Grey Owl! Can he stop Shock as he puts out the electricity on the ski ride so that he can rob the terrified victims dangling in midair in "Shocked on a Slope"? Then in his first comic ever, Rako invades in "Countdown for The Grey Owl"! The sinister doings of Rako, however, pale in the face of Rako's master plan! What does he have in store for the Grey Owl? And finally, in "The Green Bat Gets Flat" The Green Bat attempts to cross the street, but can't, thanks to The Grey Owl's Supervillain Stoplight, which goes totally random whenever it sees a criminal.How does the Green Bat get her goods from the grocery store across the street? Or will she get the red light? Find out! At your local comics shop!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Grey Owl - Comics Volume 4

The biggest an best Grey Owl volume ever!
The fun starts with "Aim for Fame," a comic about how Photoshot and Aim team-up to stop the Grey Owl for good. The next comic, "Hoo's Next," is about how the Chainsaw Gang try to kill Hoo for messing up their team. In the next comic, "Boo Hoo," The Grey Owl has to find Hoo... Before the Green Bat finishes him off! And in "Reach for the Sky," Skykiller is causing floods, and its up to The Grey Owl and Hoo to stop him! Its a full-color, awesome joy ride that never stops! Order online now, or call your local comic book store for details!

The Grey Owl - Comics Volume 3

The third volume, featuring the first appearance of Hoo in the first comic, "Who's Hoo?"!
Up next is "Clownface the Flying Ace," in which Clownface launches his biggest scheme yet, sending an airplane straight at The Grey Owl! And then in "The Chainsaw Gang," Hoo captures all five members of the Chainsaw Gang, by himself! The last comic, "Get the Picture?" is about the filming of a commercial that is being secretly watched by Photoshot himself! Get it while its off the presses!

The Grey Owl - Comics Volume 2

The Grey Owl Comics Volume 2 is out! Featuring an incredible origin story--
"Know Thine Enemy" featuring Skykiller and about the Green Bat!
Then, its "Duke's Up!" featuring the Climber and Duke Evil (a would-be supervillain who only appears in this story). After that its "Aimed for Glory" with Aim's origins!
And finally, "Owl's Gone Fowl!" where The Grey Owl turns into a chicken, and a rubber one at that, because of a diabolical scheme by Clownface! Get it while its hot, at your local comics store!

The Grey Owl Comics - Volume 1

The first volume of The Grey Owl is out today! It features these stories:
"If At First You Don't Succeed, Tri Tri Again" with maniac villain Professor Tri.
Then its the team-up of the month with The Green Bat and Dr. Hand in "Handy to Have You Around"
And finally, "The Last Straw" with Detonator and Aim findng themselves inside a haystack, and having no idea how they got there.
Find The Grey Owl at the closest comic shop today!