About The Grey Owl

The Grey Owl is a crimefighting superhero devoted to stopping annoying pests who commit crimes!
His arch-nemesis is the Green Bat, an almost-completely insane vandal who turns out to be a women called Julia Hives! Other villains include:

• Dr. Hand: A maniac who can turn his hands into nearly anything.
• Detonator: A bounty hunter who uses explosives as his main weapons.
• Atomizer: Detonator's friend.
• Aim: One of Detonator's Detonator Squad.
• Professor Tri: Professor Tri built an enormous machine he calls a Duopod. He uses it to steal and threaten instead of rescuing people from buildings, like he should, bah!
• The Climber: An international thief who can climb basically anything.
• Duke Evil: Not only is this annoying brat stupid, he always messes up everything.
• Clownface: One of the more scary villains. Clownface has... A clownface! What a surprise! All of his crimes involve this like the circus, banana peels, and anything clown-y.

The Grey Owl has a sidekick, called Hoo. Hoo doesn't appear until the comic "Who's Hoo?" which appears in The Grey Owl Comics Volume 3.