The Grey Owl

Dave Banton was in his boring, average, middle school when he accidentally added sulfuric acid to a highly concentrated experimental glow-in-the-dark paint. His skin absorbed the glowing gas that exploded from the beaker. At first it wasn't very fun. The glowing gas made his body look like a lantern! But after a while, when the gas cooled down, Dave found that his eyes could become hyper florescent at will.
Using this neat trick, he found he could see in the dark, along with a precise sense of distances and heights, and able to see clearly for fifty miles. Unfortunately, soon afterwords a villain called the Green Bat swooped in and made off with all of Banton's parent's money.
Dave quickly made a costume out of his old chemistry coat and ran after the Green Bat and tracked him down.
After that he decided to use his unique eye powers to catch and capture criminals, to make sure that nobody else would lose all their money in one day again.

The Green Bat

Julia Hives was working for Dave Banton's father at an industry when she accidentally found an experimental fabric that had unique bodybuilding properties.
She stole the cloth and made it into a costume.
After walking around in the suit she found that she was stronger. Wimpy, shy Julia Hives was turning slowly into the tall hulking Green Bat. As her first caper, she stole the rest of the green fabric plus the entire fortune of the Banton family.
Now with all the rest of the fabric and enough money to make unique gadgets, Julia pulled caper after caper without anyone catching her. Until the Grey Owl flew right in her way.
After being defeated by the Grey Owl so many times it hurt,
Julia upgraded her weapons and quickly rose up to the Number 1 spot on The Grey Owl's Top Ten Villains.


Harry Ivans used to be a military expert until he was kicked out of boot camp for exploding the other cadet's chocolate milk just for laughs. Angry and sore, he put together an arsenal and costume and attacked military bases around the globe, making them all defenseless to attacks from foreign countries.
The Grey Owl entered the scene while Detonator was busy kidnapping General Pandik. Detonator barely got away.
It wasn't long before he formed a group called the Detonator Squad with two of his best buddies from boot camp,
Aim and Atomizer. The Grey Owl, however, soon disbanded the cronies, and Detonator accidentally fell through a grinding machine.
It was apparent that he wasn't dead, though, as later five privates were attacked and knocked unconscious.
The Grey Owl has yet to catch him, though.


Hardy Dill worked at a toy factory until it slowly drove him mad. He stole some rubber chickens and was apprehended by The Grey Owl. While in jail, his deranged mind came to the conclusion that The Grey Owl was afraid of clowns. Making the costume was all too easy for him after he broke out of prison. His attempts to kill The Grey Owl were almost amusing at first, but soon this ugly clown rose to the third most vile villian.